Below is a list of recent updates and additions to this site.

30 Aug 2019.  New sources added – A-277  boatman borrowed money re boat sunk on Trent.  C-113 wide range of subject from the research of Keith Fisher.  Thank you Keith.

19 Jul 2019.  New source C-112 added.  Two canal boats sunk on the Trent.  Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury, p5; 9 Sep 1898.  Information from Keith Fisher.

27 Aug 2018.  New source A-227 added.  Drakeholes Wharf traffic/cargoes register, Jan 1897 to Apr 1928.  Consists of 162 new records.

24 Aug 2018.  New source M-019.  Added for Turnerwood – Gate Inn pub, and railed tracks from quarry to canal.

2 Apr 2018.  New sources A-274, A-275, A-276.  Various subjects.

15 Jan 2018.  New sources A-270, A-271, A-272, A-273.  Various subjects.

4 Jan 2018.  New source C-071.  Length of Norwood Tunnel, letter from Institution of Civil Engineers, Panel of Historic Engineering Works, Nov 1999.

15 Jul 2017.  New sources A-267, A-268.  Drownings at Killamarsh 1915, and MSLR straightening canal 1890.

26 Jan 2017.  New source A-266.

28 Oct 2016.  New sources A-259 to A-265.  Also added a possible reason for the shallow rise/fall of the locks of the Thorpe flight, source A-110, 24 Feb 1771.

5 Oct 2016.  New sources A-Mins, C-110, N-025, P-121.  Also expanded C-109  –  Various subjects.

29 Sep 2016.  New sources A-245 to A-257  –  Share transactions, earliest 1776, latest 1802.  Also Canal Company annual Income & Expenditure reports 1802 and 1803.

4 May 2016.   New source P-363  –  lead-ingot cargoes used as ballast.  Thomas Lister’s dues for River Idle cargoes passing through his land.  Both items December 1722.

3 Mar 2016.   Pennyholme, 31 Jul 1775, auction of tunnel construction items.  New source P-361  –  items about Clarborough.  New source A-234  –  1847 Westminster reference to “cuckoo boats”.

19 Feb 2016.   Further details from source A-122 about the roof raising on Norwood Tunnel (1871-1894).  Includes early 20th century Mining Engineer’s opinions on what would be required to re-open.  New source P-360  –  proof that the River Idle was navigable to Retford.

24 Jan 2016.   Three new “books” added to the Library, containing sources A-094, A-095   –   A-121, A-122, A-143   –   A-232, A-233.   Source A-094 has a description of boat-crews washing babies in Staveley Basin.  Source A-232 is a modern report containing details (and pictures) of a tunnel in a retaining wall at Kiveton Park.