Chesterfield Canal Map

Shown are the major places along the canal.  Including all sites would result in a cluttered, and difficult to read, map.  Therefore, the location of other places has been listed alongside.  Let me know if I’ve missed any!

Babworth  –  between Retford and Ranby, but nearer to Retford
Bracebridge  –  eastern edge of Worksop
Cinderhill  –  near Shireoaks
Grove  –  south-east of Retford
Haggonfield  –  between Shireoaks and Worksop
Manton  –  eastern edge of Worksop
Pebley  –  near Harthill
Peck Mill  –  near Kiveton Park
Pennyholme  –  at the eastern portal of Norwood Tunnel
Sandhill  –  Worksop
Spinkhill  –  near Renishaw
Walkerith  –  village on the River Trent
Wiseton  –  between Clayworth and Drakeholes Tunnel
Woodall  –  near Harthill