About Me

Christine Richardson.  Waterways historian, writer, boater.  Author of “The Waterways Revolution – From the Peaks to the Trent, 1768-1778“.  The story of the people who built the Chesterfield Canal  –  who, why, how, when.
Also, James Brindley – Canal Pioneer.  See the Bibliography page for both books.

This archive is the result of my research, starting in 1985, and on-going.  At first it was a hobby, learning about research methods as I went on.  Eventually I became “hooked” on the earliest years of the Chesterfield Canal, which is still my primary period of the waterway.  The turning-point was 1990, when my husband Malcolm said “I’ll keep a roof over our heads, you write the book”.  That allowed me to do full-time research and writing.  And here we are!

As time went on I discovered, or was pleased to receive, information about the canal’s later years.

As the Chesterfield is a canal of the earliest age in this country I then became interested in James Brindley, my research then spreading to his other waterways and the infant national network.  Resulting in the publication of my biography “James Brindley – Canal Pioneer” in 2004.

However, for many years I’ve wanted to make my research findings available to others, making it possible for them to discover the fascinating history of the Chesterfield Canal, and the people who worked with it.  And, hopefully, others will use the information to find more about their family, or the places in which they live, or the stretch of canal they enjoy, by boat or on the towpath.

The creation of this website is the culmination of that ambition.  Christine Richardson