If you come across anything in the archive which should be in this list, please let me know.

BW              British Waterways, in the past, responsible for running UK canals

BWB            British Waterways Board, as above

CCS              Chesterfield Canal Society (the former identity of the CCT)

CCT              Chesterfield Canal Trust

CNJ               Cresswell’s Nottingham Journal (newspaper)

CRT               Canal & River Trust, national body, responsible for the Chesterfield Canal between West Stockwith and the eastern portal of Norwood Tunnel

DM                  Derby Mercury, and page number. (newspaper)

DCC                 Derbyshire County Council

DNLG              Doncaster, Nottingham & Lincoln Gazette. (newspaper)

FMC                Fellows Morton & Clayton, company with a large fleet of cargo carrying narrowboats

GCR                 Great Central Railway

HofP                 Houses of Parliament, building of, stone via the canal

ICE                   Institution of Civil Engineers (see PHEW)

IWA                  Inland Waterways Association

IWPS                Inland Waterways Protection Society

LNER                London & North Eastern Railway

LSM                  Lincolnshire & Stamford Mercury, and page number. (newspaper)

MM                   Manchester Mercury. (newspaper)

MSLR               Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway

NA                    National Archives

NED                 North East Derbyshire District Council

NJ                    Nottinghamshire Journal, and page number. (newspaper)

NCC                 Nottinghamshire County Council

PHEW             Panel for Historical Engineering Works (ICE)

RCCIN            Royal Commission on Canals and Inland Navigation 1906-09

RWBC             Retford & Worksop Boat Club (based in Clayworth)

Side Cut          A short piece of canal, branching off from the main route of the waterway.

Tramway        Wooden-railed, early “railway”, trucks rolled downhill to canal, when empty pulled uphill to the colliery by horses. Metal rails after c1788. (P-056)

Upgate & downgate       boatmen’s terms for going “up” the canal (east to west), and “down” (west to east)

WRCC              West Riding County Council